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Welcome... the matri   tc website

If you work or are responsible for helping people to work in a matrixed operating environment and are looking for ways to increase organisational performance through individual and team performance - you're in the right place !


Because all of our Training and Coaching learning solutions are uniquely 'matrix-centric' and have been developed in partnership with our International clients for use in dynamic work landscapes where complex and often competing stakeholder goals need to be delivered both locally and globally.

The ability to work effectively in teams and to lead others in 'fluid' multi-dimensional contexts requires a very different set of beliefs, behaviours, knowledge and skills to those that most people will have learnt from growing up and working in hierarchic structures.    


Which is why all the Training and Coaching solutions matriXtc has developed over the past 20 years are designed to help Facilitation professionals to provide people who work in complex cross-process type structures or roles with 'wire-archic' developmental solutions.