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If you work in a matrix type structure or role and are looking for effective ways to increase business performance through individual and team performance - you're in the right place.

All our solutions and resources are 'matrix-centric' and have been developed in partnership with our clients over the past decade for use in dynamic work landscapes where complex and critical stakeholder focussed goals need to be delivered locally and globally.

The ability to lead others and work effectively in fluid and flexible multi-dimensional contexts requires a very different set of beliefs, behaviours, knowledge and skills to those that most people will have learnt from growing up and working in hierarchic structures.

Which is why the 7 Matrix and Complex Environment (MaCE)™ capabilities of Ambiguity Management, Conflict Handling, Interpreneurial Creativity, Political Intelligence, Relationship Intelligence, Stakeholder Alignment and Leadership Accountability are considered critical today for individual and team success in 'wire-archic' organisational structures and roles.

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