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Workplace politics is one of the most often quoted (but least effectively managed or understood !) causes of stress, demotivation and poor performance in the workplace and its adverse effects cost national economies millions each year.


Workplace politics has bad press, with the vast majority of people linking it to behaviour without integrity.  But, according to David Bancroft-Turner from the Academy for Political Intelligence, one of the UK’s leading authorities on organisational politics.  


It seems that it is possible for people to develop and apply a set of skills and behaviours that will counter the negative effects of workplace politics and create a more positive work environment for all organisational Stakeholders - and the Workplace Politics Pocketbook explains how this is done !


In this clear and practical book David Bancroft-Turner identifies the four types of 'political animal’ that exist in all types of organisations – namely the clever Fox, the wise Owl, the innocent Sheep and the determined Mule.  And he not only describes the behaviours that they typically demonstrate but he also explains how to develop political intelligence skills!

The small but insightful book provides a useful addition to workshops as a hand-out when using

and delivering a Positive Politics Workshop.

The Workplace Politics Pocketbook

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Workplace Politics Pocketbook