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...seamlessly integrate with one another !

Most of the ‘traditional’ Leadership, Management and Team-working theories and practices that Business Schools, Corporate Universities and Learning and Development professionals still routinely teach in Classrooms and Workshops today were created in the last century and were primarily designed to make Organisational hierarchies work more effectively.

Little wonder therefore that Organisations struggle today to find ‘wire-archic’ solutions to help them transition from Hierarchic ways of functioning towards more flexible Heterarchic (i.e. Matrixed, e.g. WL Gore’s ‘lattice’ organization and Zappos) and fluid Holarchic (i.e. Cellular/Complex Adaptive, e.g. Kyocera Corporation’s ‘amoeba’ approach and Buurtzorg) ways of working.


Which highlights a fundamental problem of working in a Matrix - i.e. People don’t know, what they don’t know!


For example when you question someone, be they a Manager, Team Member, Coach or Consultant, and you find they believe that being a Leader is dependent on someone also being a Manager, or that only Managers can be Leaders, or that only Managers should attend Leadership Training.  You know that you’ve found someone with a hierarchical mind-set who has been subliminally conditioned to work in a Hierarchy - and that they will struggle to work in Heterarchic or Holarchic environments without significant but sensitive mind-set and skill-set development.


All the Training Solutions that matriXtc has developed over the years are specifically designed to help such people to make the paradigmatic mind-shift they need in order to work more effectively in both Matrixed (i.e. Heterarchic) and Complex Environment (i.e. Holarchic) structures and roles.  


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