Our Training Solutions...

...seamlessly integrate with one another !

Unlike providers who 'bolt-together' competing or inappropriate models or materials in their workshop designs - in an attempt to make them seem relevant to a matrix. We realised a decade ago that most 20th century leadership, management and team-working practices were ineffective or even counter-productive in matrix structures.

To address this we set about creating, with our clients, a completely new and integrated approach towards learning and development in complex organisations - based on the 21st century design of practical, targeted and measurable 'matrix specific' solutions.

The reason we did this was because we and our clients were frustrated with trying to fit square hierarchical training solutions into round matrix need development holes - and when we looked around to see what solutions were available - we found none !

We recognised that hierarchical organisations were strategically designed (because of their early 20th century post-industrial manufacturing roots), to function in stable and predictable operating conditions. And the labour intensive methods of production they used, coupled with the deferential societal mores and norms of the day, readily lent themselves to the creation of strategies and structures, policies and practices, that relied heavily on management 'command & control' - via bureaucracy - in order to deliver results.

As a consequence the vast majority of organisational, leadership, management and teamwork theories, models and materials that appeared during the 20th century were geared towards sustaining a 'mechanistic' model of the organisation - not an 'organic' one.

Matrixed organisations strategically evolved (because of their late 20th century information technology roots), to function in changeable and unpredictable operating conditions. Emerging (as they still are) to meet the unique challenges that knowledge intensive industries and social media present, which rely heavily on inter-connected, technology driven methods of production which provide platforms for delivering products or services on a global scale - or which facilitate (for smaller organisations) a global reach.

A consequence of this, together with massive socio-economic and Stakeholder expectation changes that have taken place over the past decades. Mean that matrix operating type structures, while concurrently fluid and dynamic, unpredictable and volatile. Are providing new ways of working which enable people to meet the complex challenges that they face in ambiguous and turbulent times.

Drop down tabs in this section summarise our tried & tested based solutions & provide clarity on a new 'matrixed' way of working.

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