The Influencer™ Instruments





The LEAD Influencer™ series of personal preference instruments have been specifically designed to help people gain self-awareness and skills that will enable them to manage themselves, to teamwork and to lead others more effectively in a matrix !

Using the five dimensions of personality as their psychological foundation, each individual instrument focuses on helping people to learn about a specific matrix skills development topic that will make them more effective when working in a multi-dimensional role.

What’s unique about LEAD Influencer™ series is that someone only needs to complete one 50 item questionnaire in order to gain insights from each of the four personal preference instruments - which enables Training Facilitators to provide people on a program of learning with ‘joined-up’, consistent and self-reinforcing learning experiences over time and space !

LEAD Influencer™ instruments cost UK £15.00 each and The Facilitation Guidebook for each instrument in the series (containing detailed Facilitation notes on how to deliver a half day workshop, a PowerPoint and an instructional delivery video, in addition to specific Coaching notes for each instrument) costs UK £250.00 each (or your local currency equivalent).

To find out more information, to purchase LEAD Influencer™ instruments or their Facilitation Guidebooks, of to arrange a 1 day ‘in-house’ Trainers workshop for any of the LEAD Influencer™ instruments, please contact us today. Click on the pictures below to find out more about each individual instrument in the unique and integrated LEAD Influencer™ series.