The Ambiguity Cards™

The Ambiguity Cards™ provide L&D and HR professionals with 9 different types of activities that can be used in Workshop or Assessment Centre contexts. They’re an essential collection of learning tools that every Facilitator, Assessor & Course Designer should have in their developmental toolbox.

The Ambiguity Cards™ highlight and improve thinking, communication, problem-solving and inter-personal skills. They do this by providing a series of unique experiential learning scenarios in which groups have to deliver two objectives under resource and time constraints; in a simulated work environment that psychologically appears to lack leadership, structure and a standardised solution!

There are 30 playing cards in each deck of Ambiguity Cards™ organised into five, six card suits. Each deck provides a 60 minute learning event for 8 to 28 people, which comprises a 10 min ‘Set-Up’ activity, a 30 min ‘Ambiguous Problem-Solving’ activity and a 20 min ‘Learning Review’ activity. They can also be used for groups of between 5 to 8 people by removing one complete suite from a deck.

For a group of 9 people (for example) the 'Set-Up' activity would simply involve arranging 3 x 3 chairs into triangle shapes in three corners of a room, so that when seated people have to sit 'back to back' in their triangle triad and can't then see anyone else's cards during the activity!

The Facilitator removes and retains 2 cards from the deck they are using and divides the remaining 28 cards into hands based on the groups size (e.g. for 9 people, 8 will get 3 Cards in their hand and 1 person will get 4 cards in their hand, giving the group a total of 28 cards). The Facilitator then tells the group they have 30 minutes to Discover and Describe which two cards the Facilitator has removed from the deck!

During the 30 min 'Ambiguous Problem-Solving' activity people use both helpful and unhelpful behaviours that Facilitators or Assessors can reference during the 'Learning Review' to give feedback on personal preference & practices, or group performance & process type issues.

To download The Ambiguity Cards™ Product Information Brochure click here or to purchase The Ambiguity Cards™ click here.

To receive additional Facilitation Notes that explain how to use The Ambiguity Cards™ in Development and Assessment contexts please contact us by email telling us which Deck and which Set of instructions you would like and we'll send you a FREE .pdf booklet by return email.

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