Political Intelligence™

Described as the missing leadership competency in 21st century organisations. Workplace politics is an ever present (yet least openly talked about !) aspect of organisational life. When Managers are asked to define it, regardless of their organisational role, most will describe it in detrimental terms because of the unhelpful behaviours they associate with it in the workplace.

Unfortunately this negative view of workplace politics is reinforced in the majority of books written on the topic - most of which tending to irresponsibility suggest that managers should use retaliatory (get your own back !) methods as a way of dealing with negative political behaviour !

Unfortunately the only thing you get when you negative political behaviours are used to counter self-serving political agendas - is even worse negative political behaviours in response ! Which creates a destructive cycle that usually ends in demotivation, conflict or stress related illnesses.

Research has clearly proven the detrimental effect that negative political behaviours can have on performance, and also highlights that negative politicking can significantly increase when ambiguity, complexity or change are present in complex (i.e. matrixed) operating environments.

The Executive political intelligence Coaching (EpiC) Profile™ is used in 1 to 1 coaching contexts to help Managers working in complex matrix type structures to develop a more positive understanding of what politics is, how it works, and how positive political behaviours can be used as an influencing tool to achieve personal & organisational goals through Stakeholder agenda alignment.

The EpiC Profile™ is a 40 page personal preference instrument with a separate 36 item carbonated Questionnaire which can be administered and scored in 30 minutes. It costs UK £30.00 each (or your local currency equivalent).

The EpiC Profile™ can only be purchased by Coaches and Facilitators who are certified in the use of the Political Intelligence™ series of instruments. If you are interested in becoming professionally qualified in Political Intelligence™ products please contact us today.

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