Political Intelligence™

Workplace politics is an ever present (yet least openly talked about !) aspect of organisational life. And when asked to define it most people, irrespective of their organisational position, will typically describe the negative and unhealthy aspects of political behaviour in the workplace.

This negative view of organisational politics is reinforced in the majority of books that have been written on the subject - the majority of which often irresponsibility suggesting people should use retaliatory (get your own back !) methods as a way of dealing with negative political behaviour !

Unfortunately the only thing you get when you negative political behaviours are used to counter self-serving political agendas - is even worse negative political behaviours in response ! Which creates a destructive cycle that usually ends in demotivation, conflict or stress related illnesses.

There is significant research highlighting the detrimental effect that negative politics has on both individual and organisational performance. And the evidence also suggests that negative political behaviours significantly increase when there are higher than normal levels of ambiguity, complexity or 'change' the working environment - as is typically found in matrixed organisations !

The Political Intelligence Profile (PIP)™ is used in group learning contexts to help people working in multi-dimensional operating structures develop a more positive understanding of what politics is, how it works, and how positive political behaviours can be used as an influencing technique to achieve personal and organisational goals through Stakeholder (political agenda) alignment.

The PIP™ is a 36 page personal preference instrument with a separate 36 item carbonated Questionnaire which can be administered and scored in 30 minutes. It costs UK £30.00 each (or your local currency equivalent).

The Political Intelligence™ Users Guide is also available to purchase and when used with the PIP™ enables a Trainer to deliver a 'Positive Politics Workshop' to Management or Front Line Team audiences in 3 hours (half a day). It costs UK £25.00 each (or your local currency equivalent).

To purchase the PIP™ or The PIP™ User Guide™ . .

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