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Whenever someone is asked what they think about ‘Organisational Politics’ they usually respond using negative words and phrases.  And despite 'Workplace Politics' being one of the most used 'influencing' approaches that people use - it is also one of the least positively taught and talked about competencies in organistional life !


The Political Intelligence Profile (PIP) can be used in both coaching and group learning contexts to help people who work in matrix-enabled operating structures or roles to develop a 'Positive' understanding of what politics is, how it works, and how to achieve Personal and Organisational 'political' goals through Stakeholder alignment.


Political Intelligence™

The PIP™ is a 36 page personal preference instrument with a separate 36 item carbonated Questionnaire which can be administered and scored in 30 minutes.  


The PIP™  is ony available to qualified TAFPI Facilitators.  


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