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The 12 page Political Intelligence™ User Guide is designed for Trainers who want to use The Political Intelligence™ Profile (PIP) in group workshop contexts.  


It follows the same 6 Stage process described in the PIP™ and contains all the information a professional Trainer needs to help people to develop a higher level of Political Intelligence™ in a Workshop context.


The 6 Stage development process described in the PI™ User Guide is designed to help people to:


      1. Appreciate the 'Political Animal’ model


      2. Plot their PIP Questionnaire results in their Political Intelligence™ Profile


      3. Understand their Political Intelligence™ Profile


      4. Consider the personal, political and professional implications of their Political Intelligence™ Profile


      5. Prioritise their political skill development needs


      6. Create a Political Intelligence™ Action Plan


The Political Intelligence™ User Guide costs UK £25 and can be purched via the 'Purchase Tools' tab at the top of this page.

PIP User Guide

The Political Intelligence™ User Guide