The Matrix and Complex Environment (MaCE) Leadership Diagnostic Report (LDR)™ results from a decade of research working with multi-national clients around the world to discover the beliefs, behaviours, knowledge & skills that people considered critical for effective leadership in matrixed organisations that used multi-dimensional operating structures to deliver results.

These 7 key Capability Areas, which can be developed both individually through self-directed learning or with the support of a Manager, Coach or Mentor; or collectively through Leadership, Management, Talent or Team development interventions, are...

  • Stakeholder Alignment

  • Ambiguity Management
  • Conflict Handling  
  • Interpreneurial Creativity
  • Leadership Accountability
  • Political Intelligence
    • Relationship Intelligence

The MaCE LDR™ provides people with a 'matrix specific' Personal Development Plan that incorporate a range of practical tools, tips and techniques which aim to improve a leaders ability to lead others more effectively within a matrixed environment.

Other key features of the MaCE LDR™ are that it can be used as an Agenda for Training, Coaching or 'Change' interventions; while its diagnostic function enables Managers, HR, L&D or Coaches to identify 'matrix specific' individual & team development needs, and to measure the value that training spend has on personal & organisational performance - against actual training itself !

Click on the .pdf symbol to download the MaCE LDR™ Client Information Brochure.

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The MaCE LDR™ cost UK £25 each (or your local currency equivalent). If you are a professional Coach and would like a complimentary copy of the MaCE LDR™ for evaluation purposes, where you will be invited to complete its 84 item 'on-line' Questionnaire, after which you will receive by return email a personalised MaCE™ report in a .pdf format. Or if you would like further information about the MaCE LDR™ and how you can use it within your own or client organisations. Please contact us today.