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Registered Office: Highridge,Cherry Tree Lane, Walford, Herefordshire, HR9 5RJ

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Our Coaching Solutions...

...are practical, 'matrix specific' and integrated !


Unlike most coaching companies, we at Matrix TC don't view 'In-House', Organisational or Independent coaching professionals as our competitors and we enjoy commercially sharing our unique 'systemic brief coaching' solution - almost as much as we enjoy learning about the different types of coaching approaches that other people use to help their clients become effective in a multi-dimensional structures.


We have spent over a decade designing, developing, proving, using and refining our systemic matrix coaching solutions in partnership with clients who operate in globally complex environments - because they, like we, had become frustrated using generic (shotgun !) coaching solutions to resolve very specific matrix development needs.

We provide complete 'Coach Training' packages for all our coaching services which 'in-company' Coaches can offer their internal customers; and Coaching, Consultancy or Training companies, or Independent Coaching professionals can offer to their clients - as 'bespoke' matrix coaching solutions that will enhance and augment your existing portfolio of coaching services.


The 'drop down' tabs on the 'Coaching Solutions' section of our website gives you a summary of the tried and tested Coaching Solutions that we deliver to our own international client base of Private, Public and 3rd sector organisations.  While the 'drop down tabs in this section provides you with details of the unique range of materials that we use during our coaching engagements.


The uniqueness of our systemic brief coaching solutions is that they enable you to provide your clients with a targeted approach to coaching that leverages our unique and pragmatic                         diagnostic tool as the focus of your coaching agenda.  


If you are finding that the 'traditional' coaching methods you currently use are no longer effective at meeting your clients very specific matrix coaching needs.  


Or if you would like to augment your current 'In-House', Corporate (as a Coaching, Training or Consultancy Company), or Independent coach provision of matrix coaching services.  Please contact us today for further information.