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Our Coaching Solutions...

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Most people are hired for their knowledge and skills - but end up getting fired for their use of incompatible beliefs or inappropriate behaviours !  


In Matrixed (i.e. Heterarchic) and Complex Environment (i.e. Holarchic, Cellular/Complex Adaptive) operating environments this typically translates into people having the technical competence for a role - but not the collaborative capabilities necessary for them to navigate multi-dimensional landscapes effectively, inclusively and congruently for the positive benefit of themselves and their key Stakeholders.

Whether externally hired, internally promoted, or selected to work in a new or existing team.  The transition to 'matrixed' ways of working for some Executives, Managers and Team Members can be challenging experience because the beliefs, behaviours, knowledge and skills that are critical in a ‘matrix enabled’ organisation - are very different to those that most people will have been conditioned to use in a hierarchic operating culture and structure.


While ‘traditional’ coaching methods can be useful in helping people to identify ‘routine’ work challenges.  Oftentimes newly appointed Executives, Managers and Teams simply 'don’t know, what they don’t know' about working in a matrix - and no amount of skilful open-ended questioning is capable of bridging that 'real world' performance-gap.


Which is why matriXtc has developed over the years a targeted 'Brief Coaching' approach to use with its Coaching Solutions, to help people gain clarity on how to work effectively in a matrix.  


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