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The CAI™ Facilitation Guidebook has 6 Sections that contain the following  information:

      •   Section 1 - The CAI™ Facilitation Guidebook

      •   Section 2 - Psychological Foundations  

      •   Section 3 - Questionnaire Administration & Scoring                    

      •   Section 4 - Facilitator Notes: The Cultural Alignment Workshop  

      •   Section 5 - Coaching Notes: The Cultural Alignment Instrument™

      •   Section 6 - Additional Information

      •   Understand what The Cultural Alignment Instrument™ is and how it works

      •   Administer The Personality DNA ® Questionnaire

      •   Facilitate Groups using The Cultural Alignment Workshop PowerPoint presentation                    

      •   Coach Individuals or Teams using The Cultural Alignment Instrument™

The CAI™ Facilitation Guidebook

The Cultural Alignment Instrument (CAI)™ Facilitation Guidebook is a 100 page Technical Manual that costs UK £100.00. The Guidebook is designed to enable professional facilitators to deliver a ½ day Ambiguity Management Workshop using the PowerPoint that accompanies the Guidebook.  


For Coaches there are extensive notes in the Guidebook on how to use the CAI™ in both Individual and Team Coaching contexts.  A unique feature of the LEAD Influencer ® series of personal preference instruments is the same Personality DNA ® Questionnaire can be used for each booklet in the series.  


This integrated approach to learning and development means that people can enjoy ‘joined-up’ learning experiences over time and space, either through a Training or Coaching intervention.  Which makes the conversion of theoretical knowledge into actual skills practice an easier and more natural process.


The CAI™ Facilitation Guidebook will enable an already experienced Trainer to:


If you need more information about The CAI™ booklet, The CAI™ Facilitation Guidebook or its PowerPoint, or any other material in the LEAD Influencer ® personal development series, or if you would like to attend Facilitator Training, contact matriXtc today.