The Ambiguity Management Instrument™

The Ambiguity Management Instrument (AMI)™ is designed to help people understand the problem solving characteristics of LEAD Influencer™ preferences; which is a term used in this booklet to describe the 'Big 5' dimensions of Personality DNA™ that make us collectively similar, but individually very different, in how we go about handling ambigious problems in the workplace.

The learning tool used in the AMI™ to identify, understand and solve the 4 types of problems people typically encounter at work is called The Ambiguity Management Framework. This practical, sense-making device describes...

  • Common Problems that require Standardised Solutions and Rule-based Processes

  • Complicated Problems that require Synergised Solutions and Relations-based Processes

  • Catastrophic Problems that require Situationalised Solutions and Instinct-based Processes

  • Complex Problems that require Synthesised Solutions and Intuition-based Processes

The AMI™ can be used as an independent resource to gain awareness about your own Problem Solving preference; or as a tool to support raising this awareness in others.

The AMI™ can also be used as one in a series of booklets that all use the same LEAD Influencer Personality DNA™ questionnaire to develop a multi-dimensional skills capability - enabling Trainers and Coaches alike to provide people with consistent 'joined-up' learning experiences over time and space !

The AMI™, which includes a separate carbonated 50 Item Personality DNA™ Questionnaire, only costs UK £15.00 each.

The Facilitation Guidebook costs UK £250.00 each (or your local currency equivalent). The Guidebook contains complete notes on how to deliver a half day Ambiguity Management Workshop using the AMI™ booklet and a Workshop PowerPoint presentation. The Facilitation Guidebook also provides notes that enables a Coach to develop a Leadership Engagement capability in their clients.

To find out more about the AMI™ booklet, or to attend a Facilitator or Coach Training event, please contact us today.

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